1. What is Consignment
The inventory in a consignment store is not donated to us. Instead, it is consigned. By this we mean that every item in our store belongs to someone else. We have a contract that states that to the best of our ability we are going to price, display and sell your gently used items.
We never know what’s coming in, so our inventory is always changing. It is always a good idea to keep checking back! New items are always being listed.

2. What types of items do you consign?
We accept Women & Men’s clothing, shoes & accessories – mid to high-end designer pieces. We also accept vintage items (the older the better) Our sizes range from 00 to 3X. All items need to be in excellent condition – meaning they are clean, free of stains, damage or signs of wear.

3. What is the payout structure?
We keep items on consignment for 6 months and you receive a percentage of the selling price, as your items sell. The percentage you receive is:
- $1-$200 = 40%
- $201-$500 = 50%
- $501-$5,000 = 60%
- $5,000 and Up = 70%

4. How can I consign if I live out of state?
We will send you a contract, set you up with an account and wait for you to ship your items. It’s worth the shipping, we promise!

5. Do you offer home pick up service?
YES! With so much going on in our lives nowadays, we understand your time is precious and sometimes we need an extra hand. We offer home pick up services for clients who:
* Have a loved one who has passed away & needs a gentle hand to handle it
* Have at least 100 + pieces they need to consign or sell
* Have at least 50 + designer pieces they need to consign or sell
Simply send an email to elena@stylingfabulous.com with “home visit” in the title and we will discuss your home visit specifics.
We look forward to helping you clean out, clean up and sell your gently used items.

6. Do you handle estates for loved ones who have passed? How does it work?
We offer a couple of different options for estates: cash or consignment and would be happy to set up an appointment to look over your items.
Furniture is a popular seller at auctions and estate sales but clothing and accessories are a much harder sell, this is where we come in. We make it simple and fast.
If you would like to set up an appointment to do this please email us at elena@stylingfabulous.com and in the title write ESTATE. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help you in this time of grief.